Trail Projects

The following projects have been identified by the Trust as part of a networked Top of the South trail plan and appropriate for the Trust to project manage and deliver:

Epic Trails Plan
  • St Arnaud/Nelson Lakes  Beebys–Red Hills and associated tracks – project underway (DOC)
  • Starveall Lee Loop – project underway, 38km loop, grade 3-4. (TDC, DOC, Hancock Forest Management)
  • Hacket/Rocks Hut/Roding/Dun Mountain Trail – back country linkage (TDC, NCC, DOC) 
  • Rocks Hut to Pelorus – through back country linkage (DOC)  
  • Flora Saddle to Barrons Flat upgrade (DOC, GBMTBC) 
  • Improvement of Browning Hut Track and Hacket Track (DOC, TDC) 
  • Nydia Bay Track in conjunction with Marlborough MTB Club 
  • Other Marlborough development projects, in conjunction with Marlborough MTB Club, DOC and MDC
Cluster’ Trail Areas
  • Richmond Hills/Kingsland Forest – ongoing trail development, underway (TDC, PF Olsens) 
  • Silvan Forest, Champion Rd. Rick and Sarah Griffin's property. A MTB Trails Trust project fully in progress, with trails rolling out at a rapid rate.
  • Wither Hills (Blenheim) trail development and upgrades to spec – underway (MDC, MTB Marl) 
  • Victoria Reserve (Picton) trail development and upgrades to spec – underway (MDC) 
  • Marsden Valley Development. Increased recreational opportunities in line with the NCC Landscapes and Reserves Management Plan (NCC, DOC; trail development plan submitted to NCC late 2014) 
  • Fringed Hill Development. Comprehensive trail development plan, underpinning the Gondola proposal (submitted to NCC Reserves mid 2013).  
  • Atmore Bowl trail development, complementing the Codgers MTB Park. (NCC) 
  • Codgers MTB Park – support for the Nelson MTB Club in managing this area (NCC, NMTBC) 
  • Hira Forest  - support for the Nelson MTB Club in managing this area (NCC, NMTBC) 
  • St Arnaud–Teetotal–Big Bush, St Arnaud - project underway (DOC). Maitland Ridge Track, Kaka Track, Sidewinder Track completed. Flying Moa Track complete and Rattler Rim Tracks 70% complete. Beebys uphill track construction due to start first quarter 2016. Uphill track at west end of Big Bush Track due to start construction early 2016.