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MTB Trails Trust Newsletter No. 4 September 8, 2014

What's the Trust Doing?

Right now our major project focus is to get the Hackett-Starveall-Lee project under way. The whole project has been costed out at $165,000, and with significant work already done around access agreements, it's time to start raising the funding to allow the loop to be built. Along with Debs Martin of Forest and Bird and Martin Rodd from DOC, Chris was interviewed by National Radio on Morning Report about the Trust's plans. You can listen to it here.

As a first step, the Trust has signed a License to Operate with Hancock Forest Management to allow us access to the Lucy Creek area, which is essential for constructing the trail. Once I am mobile again after an unfortunate incident (a total hip replacement sorted me out), the plan is to map out a line for the section 4-5 on the map below. An Environmental Effects Assessment will then be done along with the necessary consultation with groups like Forest and Bird so we can commence work. The cost of the EEA is expected to be around $5000 and we have funds in hand for this. Completing section 4-5 will allow us to then create the downhill sections 2-4 and 3-4 which, with access via the existing track 8-9-2, will open up these tracks for riding.The focus then will turn to the big part of this project, 1-2 from Hackett Hut up and past Starveall Hut. This will be built by machine and will take around 2 months of continuous work to complete. 

We are creating a sponsorship program to generate funds for this work, so if you wish to involve your company or get on board yourself we have some sponsorship packages that might interest you. Click here for details.

Looking ahead to when the trails are completed, it is our plan to allocate sections of trail to volunteers who will maintain them including things like weed control. This sort of system has worked for years in America on the Colorado Trail amongst others. 

Make the most of the balmy spring weather and excellent trail conditions. 

Alan Eskrick

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 Hackett-Starveall-Lee Project Map

Hackett-Lee Map

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 Involution Maintenance and Access 

Access to Glider Road and the Barnicoat Walkway is back open again (as at 1st Sept) now that the salvage logging operation is completed. So normal directional riding up to Widdershins and down Involution is back on again.Involution also had some maintenance carried out at the end of last week, to correct some corner camber and general wear and tear. Four corners in the bottom half were given the treatment by one of NCC's other trail contractors (Chris), under NCC's trail maintenance programme. This work has provided some additional riding momentum at some key spots, and sets this trail up again this year for a busy spring and summer. The very last section has also had a spruce up, with windthrow cleared out, two corners given some reshaping and both creek crossings eased so they are properly rideable for the first time since this section was built. This last section also runs through a patch of relatively rare native fuscia which is flowering right now. It's riding great at the moment, and is a real joy - make sure to stop at the top and spend a bit of time checking out the raucous bellbirds, they are putting on a real show just now.

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More photos of the re-jigged corners here.

 Trail Updates

All trails are riding well in the current conditions.

Chris and Andrew did some tweaking to the Escalator Track on Richmond Hill to eliminate the soft patches up on the top third - a couple of days with a digger and plate compactor was exactly what was needed to settle that area in.

Rob Kay has fixed the final creek crossing on Sidewinder Trail, we now just have to put a short boardwalk across a damp area and Sidewinder will be rideable from start to finish without dismounting.

Only three people on Beebys working bee last Sunday, however they accomplished quite a bit, completing 2 zig-zags up out of the low saddle. Keep an eye out for notice of the next working bee, date still to be decided. Trail description and map here.

Black Diamond Ridge is now open. Details here.

Other Trail Opportunities

Other trail opportunities: With the Nelson MTB Club keep an eye on their website and linkup to their Facebook page to keep track of when their work parties at Hira and Codgers are running. Also for Richmond Hills trail crew work sign up for the Richmond Hill Trail Carvers Facebook page.

The Kaiteriteri MTB Park run regular work parties which are a feature of this park and easy to get involved. 

The Marlborough MTB Club also has an active trail crew running in the Wither Hills - keep track here 

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