Big Bush Track

Big Bush Track was the first track in the Teetotal area. It was put in with a bulldozer to facilitate the Kaka Recovery Programme. The track runs from the bottom of Robin Banks Hill on Jasmine Rd along the watershed ridge with the Rainy River, providing access to the tops of Flying Moa, Kaka, and Duck Down tracks. Rocky Horror, which has eroded considerably to give it its "rocky" name, is the eastern end of the original track. Over the years the track has grown in and doesn't look like a bulldozed track any more. The MTB Trails Trust has since taken over maintenance of it, improved it and bypassed steep sections of it.


Hand building a bypass to a steep section of track

 A newly built section to reduce the gradient

 Leaf litter lines older sections of track

 One of the hand built parts of the track

 Part of the original track Climbing the section to the top of Flying Moa