Flying Moa Track, St Arnaud

The build of Flying Moa Track started in May 2015 with a group of 16 ranger trainees from NMIT putting in 2 days of effort resulting in 800 metres of track being roughed out. Since then, small groups of volunteers and MTB Trails Trust trustees chipped away at the track with the 2.8km track completed in early October.
Flying Moa is an intermediate grade track, but quite a technical one as it twists and turns down through the beech forest from 850m to 600m.

DOC staff man the chainsaws clearing the line for the ranger trainees

Character building stuff clearing roots and benching the tread

Trainees taking a break

Then the volunteers took over

All hands on deck and testing a completed section of track

Finished sections of track

One of the first groups through the finished track


The tight twisting "old school" style trail keeps riders on their toes