Other Events in HFM Forests

Sunday 7th June                               
Nelson Four Wheel Drive Club                  
 Hira Forest (Drive through Sharlands, Maitai Face, Goat Hill, Central, Teal Valley, Face, 
(Approx. 10 – 15 vehicles)
Scout Creek Airstrip, Packers Face, Sharlands Roads through to Bobs Fern Road, Kaka & back to Sharlands Creek

21 Aug (Thurs)                   50 + Walking Group                         Sharlands - Supplejack Track (Hira Forest) 


23 Aug (Sat)                        Nelson Events                                   (Hira Forest (Fringed Hill -  Through Access for emergency only)


30th Aug                                Nelson Offroad Racing Club         Moutere South Forest (Trass Valley, Lines, Tunnicliffs, Brads, Brandy Ck, Western Boundary, Kingsley, Steers, Pigeon Valley, Bradleys, Hoult Valley & Nesbitt’s Roads (15 – 20 vehicles)


14 Sep                                   Nelson Motor Cycle Club              Moutere North (Eves Valley, Arterial, Johnsons, Johnston’s, Heine’s, Cuthill, Arterial, Western & Eastern Boundary, Centre, Ajay & Supplejack Roads)  


18 Sep (Thurs)                   50 + Walking Group                         Hira Forest (Codgers Track through Tantragee and out Maitai)