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MTB Trails Trust Newsletter No. 9 March 24, 2015

Pink line is the completed loop. Blue lines are the next tracks scheduled to be built.

 Silvan Forest Trail Development 

Work began a couple of weeks ago on the new access trail in Silvan Forest. It will be a two way track climbing up from the deer gate to link in with Heaven up Here, which we completed just before Christmas.

We expect construction to take 2-3 weeks. It is the left hand blue line in the top LH corner of the map.

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Click for Current Hancock Harvesting Schedule updated to 16th March

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 Kaiteriteri 6 Hour Bike Relay April 11th

In response to popular demand the Kaiteriteri Mountainbike Park is hosting a 6 Hour Bike Relay on April 10th and a Bike Rogaine on Sunday 12th. Entries close on April 4th so register here now.

The MTB Trails Trust is pleased to be able to assist KMP by taking care of timing for the event.


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  Maitland Ridge Track completed

In mid-February Liz and Alan Eskrick, Bruce and Jane McCallum, Ket Bradshaw camped on Maitland Ridge for 3 days to complete the uphill sections of the track. Liz and Alan went back for another 2 days later on to put up marker triangles, so now you should have no trouble finding your way. 

We have since ridden the track twice and it is now 100% rideable and well worth the push and grind up the Beebys road. Just don't attempt to ride it in the wet as it is pretty steep in places and apart from being very slippery it will cut the track up badly. Give it at least 2 days to dry out after rain.

Three of the women who have ridden the track have been over 60, so if they can do it so might you. We do give it a grade of 4+ but you can walk the steep sections if you aren't comfortable with them. We've been getting some great feedback on the trail as it's different to most of the trails you ride. There's a good article here about the "homogenising of mountainbike trails".

More information and map of Maitland Ridge Track.


Liz cleans one of the climbing switchbacks


Nearing spot height 1202 the bush becomes stunted and sparse,

in fact it appears the tops have been broken off the trees


The descent from spot height 1202 gets increasingly steep


Tristan is the youngest and coolest dude so far to ride Maitland Ridge

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 Two New Tracks Proposed for St Arnaud

We have flagged the route for two new tracks in the Teetotal area at St Arnaud and will be seeking approval from DOC to proceed with them. River Rattler is a 4.5km easy track running along the top of an escarpment overlooking the Buller River. It will complete the loop from the western end of Douglas Hill back to Skating Pond Loop to avoid riding on the Teetotal road. The other track, Flying Moa, drops off the top of the Big Bush Track down to the western end of Sidewinder and will be our main priority to work on this year. We intend this to be an intermediate grade track that winds down through the bush for between 3 and 4km. They are shown as the red lines on the map.


 Trail Updates

Harvesting has commenced directly adjacent to the Meade Rd Bridge off Lee Valley to the Forest Gate on Lucy Creek Rd. PLEASE NOTE: All recreational access to and from Mt Starveal via Lucy Creek Road and Long Gully Road will be closed. 

The Kaiteriteri MTB Park run regular work parties which are a feature of this park and easy to get involved. Work on Jaws II is progressing now the rock gully has been conquered.

The Marlborough MTB Club lists upcoming events on their website. Next recreation ride is at Meadowbank off the Taylors Pass Rd. If you haven't ridden in this country it is worth going along.

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