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MTB Trails Trust, PO Box 78, Brightwater 7051

Newsletter 1, 16th July, 2014

Latest Top of the South Trail News

MTB Trails Trust's Vision

The vision of MTB Trails Trust looking forward five years is to position the Top of the South as a national and international mountainbiking destination, by developing a network of mountainbike trails for all abilities that will be a valued community asset.

Core Philosophies:

Those values important to the Trust:

  • Community focused, environmentally sustainable and low impact approach toall Trust endeavours.
  • Open engagement with land access partners and the MTB community.
  • Free access to all trails where possible and appropriate.
  • An International Mountainbike Association based approach to all trail development projects i.e. a sustainable design and build process will be us= ed for all projects the Trust is involved with, including principal trail build leaders and contractors undergoing appropriate training and up-skilling in sustainability.
  • A professional approach to project management. Removing the load on council and DOC staff to drive public land projects through this approach. No reliance of any kind on gambling based funding organisations for funding.

Introducing the MTB Trails Trust

The MTB Trails Trust is a registered charitable trust which has been formed to advance the management, development and maintenance of the mountainbike trail network in the Top of the South Island to a professional level.

Trustees are Chris Mildon, Andrew Spittal, Rob Kay and Alan Eskrick.

We have just launched the Trust's new website and invite you to take a look at it here. You will find up to date news on the region's trails and other developments in the top of the South.

You can become a Friend of the Trust here if you would like to contribute to trail development and maintenance.

Hackett-Starveall-Lee Track update

The Trust has now received a Licence to Operate from Hancock Forests whi= ch will allow us access to start work on the route for the track from the Hackett up to near Starveall Hut and out to the Lee. Funding has been received from DOC to help get the project underway. The next step will be to conduct an Assessment of Environmental Effects and survey the route and put it out for public comment.  Description and map of the route.

If you would like to make a donation to help with the construction of th= is ambitious project  our bank account is on the Become a Friend of the Trust page of our website.

Richmond Hills - Escalator Extension

Work started on Monday to extend the uphill track on the Richmond Hills = and 500 metres of track has already been put in.  Gary Donaldson and Andrew Spittal are operating 2 diggers and Chris Mildon is hand finishing. The MTB Trails Trust is managing this project for TDC.

Codgers MTB Park Update 11.7.20= 14

Really useful update from the NCC on where things are at in this really badly damaged area - this gives an idea of the scale of work needed to reinstate this area, and especially the scale of the coordination and commitment taking place by NCC and all other parties involved. Work completed and underway:

Trees have been cleared from the pipeline along with other wind thrown trees. Further work could not continue due to saturated soil conditions. The harvest crew withdrew from the area with the intention of completing the job in summer.
Once dryer soil conditions prevailed, Jason Hollyman was contracted to rake slash and bury root balls.
Greg Win has been contracted to reform the Old Codgers track and is currently doing this now.

Work still to do:

Greg Win will also be reinstating other tracks that will not be affected by the second wave of harvesting this coming summer.
Nelmac will complete removal of windthrown pine trees over Old Codgers track (Dun Mountain Trail).
Nelmac and the Nelson Mountain Bike Club will clear slash and improve the design of the formed-up MTB tracks.
Nelmac will sow out bare earth in grass and carry out weed control. Nelmac will plant out a mix of conifers and deciduous broadleaf trees within the mountain bike park area, and shrubby native trees 30 metres within the uphill slope of the pipeline and 20 metres within the lower slopes
PF Olsen will  uphill slope spray 10 ha and re-establish in pinus radiata

Where can you ride when the trails are all too wet?

The trails had just dried out nicely last week, but got saturated again on Friday and Saturday, so most of the trails weren't going to be much chop for a Sunday ride. So to avoid mud and carnage we headed out into the Waimea Forest south of Wakefield. There is a maze of roads out in the Waimea Forest and it is quite fun exploring them. Take a look at a map of where we rode on Sunday here, get adventurous and start exploring.

Over the coming weeks I will be adding more rides that you can do in the Waimea Forest to the Forest Rides section of our website. You will need a Hancock Forest Permit in this area and it is also a good idea to take a map as it is easy to get confused, especially when they log an area and it looks totally different.

Involution/Widdershins Access from August 1st

There is a salvage harvesting operation starting in the first week of August, which will affect access to Glider Rd and the Barnicoat Walkway. Glider Road will be closed to all access Monday to Friday during this operation, with the Barnicoat Walkway and Fincham Road closed completely for the duration of the operation.
Involution/Widdershins (MTB and walkers) and the Scout Track (walkers only) will remain open, so if riders are looking to ride these trails during the week, it'll be a good time to reacquaint with the great and enjoyable challenge of climbing Involution. Please be especially aware of the dual direction nature of this trail, and comply with all closure signage onsite.

Beebys- Red Hills Working Bee July 20th

We will be holding another working bee at the Beebys end of the track next Sunday, July 20th. Meet at St Arnaud Park HQ at 9am. 4WD transport will be required, let me know if you need a ride, there may be spare seats available. Grubbers will be the most useful tool.

Phone or text Alan on 027 543 9055