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MTB News: 2 more trails started

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MTB Trails Trust Newsletter No. 7 December 14, 2014

First corner completed. Photo shows the easy grade.

Sylvan Forest trail development 

Work started the week before last and is progressing rapidly building trails in Silvan Forest in Champion Rd. The first track will be a grade 2 climbing track that will eventually take you to the gate on Oliver Rd linking to the Kingsland Forest trail network. Nearly 1km of trail has been built so far.

 Gary Donaldson is so keen to move some of the dirt around he has gone out and bought a new digger for the job.

To keep the grade down to an easy 7% (4°) there will be lots of switchbacks to gain height and care will be taken to ensure they are as easy as possible. The chooks are part of the scene and seem eager to help. 

More photos here.

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Click for Current Hancock Harvesting Schedule updated to 24th November

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Keep up to date with trail news on our website Trail News page, we are constantly updating it.

Ground Effect Weekend a Resounding Success

New "Duck Down" trail under construction.

Each year Ground Effect organises a trail building weekend, usually in Canterbury. However this year the MTB Trails Trust was fortunate to attract them to St Arnaud for what turned out to be an amazing and rewarding weekend. 

If you were put off coming on the Saturday by the weather you really missed out. With the rain pelting down Saturday morning we unsuccessfully tried delaying tactics to keep a roof over our heads, but there was no holding back 45 McLeod and grubber wielding trailbuilders vying to dig the first divot on the new Duck Down track at Teetotal Flat. In our wildest expectations we hoped to complete most of the first 400 metres up to a rocky lookout on a ridge from where the going gets really easy. 



Wow! By lunchtime they were up to the lookout. A quick lunch and the crew were back on the job, some refining the morning's effort whilst others blasted on up the ridge chasing Chris and Bryce on their chainsaws. Saturday evening we all had a magnificent buffet courtesy of the Alpine Lodge before turning in early. 

Sunday burst fine and clear, so some of the crew set off to explore local tracks on their bikes, but others couldn't be held back from the trail building. One of the steepest sections was realigned through some tricky terrain that features a squeeze between a couple of big rocks. 

In all 800 metres of track is now close to completion, another 90 metres is cleared and there is still another1380 metres to go to link in to the top of the Rocky Horror Show. 

Ground Effect took care of all the food and accommodation and the organisation was outstanding. No matter where the crew head next year, don't miss out, make sure you register. We sure will. More photos from the weekend here and on the Ground Effect blog here.


The pink part of Duck Down was completed over the weekend. The red part has just received 

approval from DOC so we hope to do some work on it over the holiday period.

Magenta lines are completed and existing trails.


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Blairich Trails - Awatere Valley

The Trust was invited by DOC South Marlborough to advise them on a new link track at Blairich in the Awatere Valley which resulted in Chris doing a site survey with DOC staff. This could be a great area for a 2 or 3 day ride with 2 or 3 huts in the area. 

  Location map


Detail map of Blairich. The red line is a proposed new track to link Black Birch Stream to farm tracks on Blackbriar/Blairich Station that have been opened up to public access following tenure review. Chris has also suggested that there be a link from Blairich trig down to the Black Birch Stream track to create an awesome loop.

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Other Marlborough News

 Consent has been given to go ahead with the Picton trail development proposals as submitted to the MDC by Chris. Chris will be over in Picton conducting a Sustainable Trails Workshop on Monday at the Pavilion, Endeavour Park at 7pm and marking out the new trails over the next couple of days. Project details here.

Contact John Pickering if you'd like to help out as he will be coordinating the working bees. Facebook page here.

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Liz picks up a hitchhiker

 We found this cuddly little guy up the Wairoa Gorge the other day and thought he looked like he needed a lift home. We christened him "Dogtucker".


 Trail Updates

The Kaiteriteri MTB Park run regular work parties which are a feature of this park and easy to get involved. 

The Marlborough MTB Club also has an active trail crew running in the Wither Hills 

Latest  Nelson MTB Club Trail News with information on how to get involved with trail work at Codgers and Sharland's Creek, Hira Forest. AFM advise summer gate opening hours: the main gate at the forest entrance off Maitai Rd will be locked at 9pm Sat/Sun nights and Public Holidays. For anyone who gets locked in, Armourgaurd will now be charging a $52 fee to let them out!

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