St Arnaud Trail Project

The St Arnaud Trail Project was one of the first off the blocks thanks to the support of DOC Nelson Lakes staff.

Beebys–Red Hills area

The trails in this area are aimed at advanced to expert riders.
The Maitland Ridge Track is now complete. The track is ridden from west to east as there is an elevation loss of about 400 metres. After spot height 1128 the track drops to a low saddle at about 1050 metres then climbs in a series of zig-zags up on to the flatter part of the ridge. This zig-zag section still needs a bit of benching to make it rideable as the current surface is quite soft. The same applies to the section of trail before spot height 1202 where the zig-zags need a bit of surface work. 
The Beebys access road up to the start of the track is too steep to ride in several parts and we hope to be able to construct a better graded singletrack, 6 on the map, to avoid these sections. There will still be some quite steep sections, but any trails off the Beebys road will be advanced to expert so most riders will cope. An agreement has now been signed with the landowner for us to construct a climbing track adjacent to the road. Work on this will start in 2016.
Track 4 on the map is a possible downhill track off Maitland Ridge and track 3 is a possible route down to the Korere-Tophouse Rd utilising the top section of the existing walking track. On the ground surveys haven't been done for either of these tracks.
Track 2 is an uphill link from the Upper Six Mile carpark to Tophouse back road. Part of this would go through a piece of private land and needs further investigation to prove its feasibility.
Track 5 is a possible link through a reserve from Tophouse back road to the main highway.

Teetotal–Big Bush Trail Network
Work in this area started with the development of the Sidewinder Track then the Douglas Hill Track. Both of these trails are now complete.
We envisage trails in this area will cater for riders from novice to expert grade. Kaka Track has now been completed and provides the best uphill access to the Big Bush Loop Track. We have approval to regrade the uphill track 7 at the west end of Big Bush to make it rideable. Construction will start early 2016 on this.
Track 8, the 1.8km Duck Down, was completed in February 2015.  
Track 10, Flying Moa commenced construction May 2015 and completed in September 2015.
Rattler Rim, not shown on the map, will be an easy track on the south side of Teetotal Road running along the escarpment above the river flats. It will provide and alternative to riding the road after riding Sidewinder, Douglas Hill or Flying Moa. The first section from the west end of Sidewinder to Skating Pond Loop was completed in October 2016.
Rocky Horror Show is an existing downhill track for advanced riders. The name describes it.
Track 12 will be a link between the St Arnaud Village and Teetotal Flat that will avoid having to ride on the main highway. Awaiting final legal sign-off.
Track 5 is a proposed easy loop track to the north-east of the village utilising a section of old legal road and returning beside the highway with a loop around the old moraine near the former dump site.

The Ground Effect crew attack Duck Down

40 workers make short work of Duck Down

Kaka Track under construction

Working on Maitland Ridge Track