Starveall-Lee Loop

This project requires construction of an 11km uphill track on a 10% gradient from near Hackett Hut (1) up towards Starveall Hut to connect with an old tramping track (2) heading south-west towards the Lee (3). We propose two routes down off this ridge through native bush to Waterfall Creek (4). From here there will be a 2.4km track climbing 200m on a 10% gradient out to the Lucy Creek ridge (5) from where the route will follow down Lucy Creek Rd for a couple of kilometres before connecting on to the paper road beside Lucy Creek (6). It will follow Lucy Creek down to the Lee confluence then follow the true right bank of the Lee to the end of Meade Rd (7).
An uphill connection (2-9) will connect the existing track 8-9 with the route out to the Lee to offer another loop option.
Blue lines are existing forestry roads not shown on the topo map.