Teetotal Flat Tracks

There are several loops that can be done on Teetotal Flats taking up to 2-3 hours. They are good for less experienced riders who want to try riding singletrack. You can also take you dog along for some exercise.
See map below or download the PDF version at the bottom of the page.

Tight but non-threatening singletrack winds through the bush on Sidewinder

From St Arnaud follow Hwy 63 west and at the entrance to Rotoiti Lodge hook on to the singletrack on the left side of the road and follow it across the highway to the skating rink carpark where there is a sign with the trails on it. Follow the markers through scattered matagouri and kanukas more or less along the base of the hill, eventually riding out on to grassy flats. Follow the markers across the flats until you reach an intersection with a directional sign. Go to the right and right again at the next sign to the Kaka Track which is an intermediate track which climbs to the ridge and the Big Bush Track. 200m up Kaka a sign indicates the start of Sidewinder Track to the left.
Rattler Rim track provides an easy route back from Douglas Hill or Sidewinder tracks. It winds through manukas and grassy clearings before hooking into Skating Pond Loop. It can be ridden in either direction.

Skating Pond Loop and Rattler Rim provide entertainment for less skilled riders.

The tracks across the flats are well marked

Follow Sidewinder for a fun tight track with lots of small technical bits across small creeks, through open grassed clearings and through mature beech forest.
The track drops out of the bush at its western end on to Teetotal Flat again. Stay with the markers still riding west until you reach a gravel road. Turn right through a Taranaki gate and follow the road up the hill a short way until you see markers on your left indicating the start of the Douglas Hill trail. 

The Douglas Hill Track winds amongst the fir trees

Wind your way up here along the edge of the forest and soon you will be on some sweet singletrack descending gently though the trees until you are deposited on a gravel 4wd road. Either ride back up the singletrack or go left down the road and follow it out to the main Teetotal road where you can turn left again and head back towards St Arnaud. Turn right on to the marked track around the settling ponds to bypass a section of road and follow the track back across the road and back to the skating  pond.

Winding up the well graded Kaka Track

For a slightly more strenuous ride go up the Kaka Track and turn left along the Big Bush Track and follow it down to the Douglas Hill Track or back through Sidewinder Track to complete a loop, although Sidewinder is best ridden east–west.


Duck Down is quite tight, but the views of the lake are rewarding


The lower 400m of Duck Down is quite technical, some riders will walk this bit

For the expert riders turn right at the top of Kaka Track for 1.7km to the top of Rocky Horror Track. A sign to the left indicates the start of Duck Down an advanced grade track completed in February 2015 which gives another option for the descent from Big Bush Track.
Rocky Horror is, you guessed it, quite a rocky water course


Constructing Flying Moa


Flying Moa Track

Flying Moa track starts 485m west of the top of Kaka Track and winds down through mature beech forest for 2.8km to link in to the western end of Sidewinder just before it emerges from the bush. Flying Moa is a quite technical, but non-threatening intermediate trail that will make you hone your bike handling skills on its tight twisting route through the forest. You have the option of riding back through Sidewinder or for an easier ride, carry on out on to the flats and ride back along Rattler Rim Trail.