Hacket-Starveall-Lee Track

The Hacket–Lee track will start near the Hacket Hut at around 260 metres and climb on an easy 10% grade to gain a ridge that runs south to Starveall Hut at 1180 metres. There will be an offshoot to the hut, but the main track will top out at 1100 metres before sidling then descending a ridge towards the Lee. Here the track will split, with a more intermediate grade track dropping 600 metres into Waterfall Creek and an advanced grade track, which is already in place, heading along the ridge towards the Lee. It then descends 300metres into Waterfall Creek where it will join the intermediate track for a 200 metre climb to the ridge SW of Lucy Creek Knob. Here there will be a section of road before the track will drop down beside Lucy Creek and follow its true right bank down to the confluence of the Lee. The true right bank of the Lee will then be followed out to the end of Meade Rd. To make a loop you will ride through Meade Rd back to the Hacket carpark.