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Tasman Bay Forests provides regular updates on where their harvesting contractors are working around Tasman. This page details that harvesting activity for the next fortnight - signage at the respective locations will support this info, as well as general access restrictions due to this activity. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all logging operations in the area - it only applies to Tasman Bay Forest areas, with common riding areas highlighted in red.

Special Notice: Tasman Bay Forests will be starting harvest operations in Hira and Groom Creek areas from the 1st of August 2016. Operations are expected to continue until the end of November. The forest will only be open from 06:00 Saturday until Midnight Sunday.

 Additional areas may be closed due to the hazard of trees and rocks falling downhill from the operational areas.
The following areas will be affected; Sharlands Rd, Central Rd, Maitai Face, Groom Creek, Fireball Road. The following Mountain Bike trails will be closed for the duration: Maitai Face Trails,  Turners, Lollipop, TMTYL, Top Dog, Hot Box, and Smasher.  (They are not available at weekends due to the risk of injury from loose material falling on the trail). There will be no access into the forest from Codgers/Atmore bowl, Maitai valley trail golf course section.

 Some weekend working may be required and the forest will be closed during these times.  Additional signage will be displayed if this occurs.
Please read and obey all signage as this is in place for your safety.  Non-compliance will result in suspension of your permit once the forest re-opens and may result in trespass notices being issued.

14th November 2016  -  Status

Tasman Bay Forests Harvesting Operations

Moutere South: Bryants Creek-East.

Moutere North: Supplejack Valley and Ajay Rd.

Hira: Lud Valley.

Lee Valley: Irvines Rd through to Bill O'Neill's.

Eatwell: Keowns Rd, opposite Stonefly Lodge.

Pearse Valley: Pearse Valley Rd.

Waimea: Waterfall Ck.

Riwaka: Riwaka Central and SW Boundary.

Orinoco: Footes Rd/Ewers Rd.

Other Relevant Harvesting Operations

See Special Notice above.

Please comply with all site signage and access restrictions. All Hancock forests with harvesting operations underway are closed to public/recreational access during working hours Monday to Friday.

Please also note that there are several other forestry management companies working in the area, including PF Olsens and Nelson Forests. Updates on where harvesting operations for these businesses are taking place are not currently available -  however recreational access to any areas they are working will be clearly displayed on site and should be complied with.