Surveying Beebys Track 26.7.14

Today Liz and I walked an hour in to the low saddle on Beebys-Red Hills track and surveyed a grade for the final section of track that has yet to be made. It is about 700 metres long but uphill so we tried to keep to a 10% grade for easy climbing.

Some of the track is on an old line, which we now realise is an old survey line as we later found some old survey pegs. It will be interesting to find out how old they are as they are well preserved in the dry, rocky ground.

The first old survey peg we found. I guess you have to be a surveyor to get excited about things like this.

Looking back towards Beebys from a clear knob where we found one of the old pegs.

From the new track looking up the Rainbow Valley

The start of this long ridge to the left of the photo was where we were running the new grade. From the high point of the long ridge at 1200 metres the track turns right and heads down to another saddle then climbs 80 metres before descending to Red Hills Hut at 913 metres.

Blue line is the section we were working on today.

Alan using a clinometer to establish a 10% grade for the track.

From the long ridge looking down the Wairau Valley. There are numerous places along the track where you get fantastic views.