Silvan Forest July Update

The next big push in Silvan is underway as at July 20th. We are working to fill the north-eastern corner of the property, and this stage will complete the network of easier, wider trails which have real easy accessibility from the main entrance point. The potential for quick, easy to access loops will be realised with the completion of these trails.

Here's what we are working on:

  • The completion of Jubilee Gum, which will take riders to a fantastic viewpoint over Tasman Bay (at the gnarly old Jubilee Gum)     July 23rd Flash - Jubilee Gum finished and ready to ride!
  • Sling, which is a climbing specific trail branching off Alpha about 2/3rds of the way up, an will take riders to a high point on the lower network, just across a small saddle to the Jubilee Gum. Slink, linking Sling and the top of Sequence, includes a long pump line, which will provide a fun alternative route from close to the top of Sequence to Sling and on to the Jubilee Gum

Slink pumpline is finished already and ready to roll!

  • Goliath, a downhill specific trail, starting at the Jubilee Gum and running down the northern boundary of the property right down to the valley floor
  • Another as yet un-named, short downhill specific trail beside Sling, which will have a riding feel similar to Sequence with some added features to keep things interesting

If you're around and about, come and have a look and say hello. Andrew Spittall (Chings) is running his new digger, and progress is suitably rapid!