Silvan Forest - New 'Goliath' Trail (updated Aug 11th)

We'll keep rolling these out! Goliath is a downhill specific trail, running from the Jubilee Gum viewpoint down to the start of Alpha in the valley floor. It's an intermediate grade trail, with plenty of features which are all rollable and with good sightlines.

The bottom 1/3 especially is still a bit fresh (cut through on Friday Aug 7th) and a section through the middle is getting dealt to with these heavy frosts we are having at the moment, so is a little bit mushy. It will likely stay that way until we get a bit of drying weather, but is still fun to ride!. At the bottom, we've built a mellow little jump sequence to finish the trail off. These will settle a little over the next few weeks and will be reshaped as they need it, but are riding well already.

Thanks to Andrew Spittall and Gary Donaldson for the machine time - another MTB Trails Trust project delivered for your riding pleasure!