Teetotal Trail Update

The east end of Big Bush Track from the top of Kaka through to the start of Duck Down is open again and in much better condition after Rob did a bit of remodelling on it with the digger.


If you haven't ridden on the Teetotal tracks you are really missing out on some great "old school" trails. Buy a copy of our Trails book (see link in sidebar) for all the details and the best way to link up the trails.


We are grateful to DOC For back-loading 3 large fertiliser bags of gravel with a helicopter to various points on Duck Down. Surfacing materials were very hard to come by in these places so it was great to get the material dropped in. Rob Kay has been busy this week up there laying Jakmat and spreading the gravel over it so the most troublesome parts of the track are now in better condition.


Today Bruce and Jane McCallum were with Rob working on the new downhill track off Beebys Knob. This is going to be an awesome track in the style of Flying Moa but three times as long.