St Arnaud Trails Update

 17.6.2018 Over the last 4 days Rob Kay and Alan Eskrick have been working with the Trust digger on cleaning out grade reversals on the top part of Kaka, clearing fallen logs, realigning one of the corners on Kaka and correcting drainage on Big Bush Track between the top of Kaka and Duck Down.


Realigned corner at the top of Kaka Track

Improving drainage on Big Bush Track

 6.6.2018 Once again the Trust conducted a 3 day trail building course for trainee rangers from NMIT. A short presentation was followed by practical sessions maintaining and improving Teetotal tracks. Rattler Rim was given a makeover with the removal of rocks and trees to widen the trail making it easier to ride. Drainage maintenance was also carried out on the lower half of Kaka Track. On the Thursday the crew assisted with construction of the new downhill track off Beebys Knob to the Kikiwa road.

1.1.2018 Robin Banks Hill at the west end of Big Bush Track was completed before Christmas and has created an easy climb to the top of Flying Moa.

6.3.2017 Maitland Ridge is in excellent condition drier than it has been for months. Maintenance over the last 3 months has improved the few sections of trail that weren't up to standard.

Flying Moa is riding well with the small wet patch a quarter of the way down now dried out.

Bruce on Flying Moa

Sidewinder is in great condition too. Remember that the west end of Big Bush and Douglas Hill are closed for harvesting for the next 4 weeks. Please respect all signage.

Duck Down is now all dry. Work continued over the weekend with another 4 tonnes of clay dumped on soft sections. This track is now in mint condition. Yesterday we made improvements to one of the sharp corners on the lower part of the track. Another couple of tonnes will be added as time permits to finish it off properly, but in the meantime make the most of the dry weather and go ride it.

Rocks added to the corner on Duck Down to widen the radius

Muddy sections of Big Bush Track have dried out and we will deal to them once we have completely finished the section of Duck Down from Big Bush track in to the clearings.

Maggie Barrie, the Minister of Conservation, was at St Arnaud on Friday as part of the Vespex wasp poisoning programme. Alan Eskrick represented the Trust at a small gathering near the lake.

Conservation Minister Maggie Barry is shown how to put Vespex wasp poison in a bait station