Wots up Doc Progress


Wots up Doc has now been completed up to the 1200 metre level. WThis takes quite a bit of effort, so if anyone can spare us the odd day to to help groom the trail behind the digger please contact either Alan 027 543 9055 or Rob 027 491 3999 it would be greatly appreciated. Suitable for retired types who don't know what to do with themselves, but it is rewarding work. We are often up there during the week and don't give a lot of notice, it's just when we have time available. At present there are about 6 of us building and maintaining the whole trail network around St Arnaud, so it would be great to add a few more to the team. We are now concentrating on building a trail up from the 6 Mile carpark to join up with the lower end of Wots up Doc.

Red lines are completed tracks, magenta lines are proposed or under construction. Lowther track will become the lower extension to Wots up Doc and is being constructed at present (December2019)


Rob digs his way through the bush on Wots up Doc while Dale does some gardening 

The completed track looks like it has been there for ages